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Closet Vinyl - Our Guide On How To Do It

posted 18 May 2016, 05:53 by Dan Magill   [ updated 27 Sept 2016, 06:01 ]

Wondering if you should come to Closet Vinyl?  Thinking you don't have "party enough" music?  Nervous about using the equipment?  Or just can't get your head around the concept?  Well worry no more.  
With our quick guide on "how to do things" your mind will be put at ease and you'll be begging us to have a go.

It Doesn't Work Without YOU
We love vinyl and hate the thought of it being locked away in closets, loft and garages.
Every style works because it gives people the chance to listen to a new genre.   All you have to do is get on the decks and starting rocking the party.

The Record Bag
Once you've had a rummage through your closet and found your vinyl, it's now time to pick out your favourites. Pop them into a bag and leave them by the front door so you don't forget them.  Then, phone your friends and tell them to get ready for a great night out.

How Long Do I Get
We try to give everyone 25 minutes and it's up to you how many songs you play in that time.  If you play the extended mix of New Orders, Blue Monday you'll only play three songs.  However, play the best two minutes of your favourite 7 inches and you'll get fifteen songs.  Geddit?

I've Never Used Decks Before
No problem!  We will show you how to use the decks and mixer and promise not to leave your side until you're ready to play on your own.

I'm Sooooo Nervous
We'll be there the whole way to support you and once you get cracking you'll naturally start to relax.  Once people start reacting to your song choices you can get those hands in the air and soak up the applause. We'll never be far away should you need us.

The Dance Crew
Not everyone wants to go on the decks and that's totally cool with us. There's so much amazing party music being played that the dance floor is very rarely empty.  Bring your friends and come for a boogie. You'll always find one of the Closet Vinyl Crew on the dance floor. We're usually the best dancers too...  Yeah right!

So Now You Know, It's Up To YOU
By now you should be ready to give it a go and It's time to have a look for that vinyl.  Once you get on the decks you won't want it to end.

Come to our monthly residency at The Northcote Arms, Leytonstone.  First Saturday of every month.   And at Bar One Twenty in Chingford throughout the year.
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