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How to host a successful party & keep the dance floor busy

posted 23 Jan 2019, 02:38 by Dan Magill   [ updated 23 Jan 2019, 02:43 ]

How to host a successful party & keep the dance floor busy

Hiring a decent DJ and offering a free bar for two hours are obvious ways of ensuring your party starts with a bang. You've spent a small fourtune on decorations and those vol-au-vents are to die for but with our insider information, you can have a party your guests will be enthusing over for years to come.

1) Location.

Make it easy for your guests to come and you'll have a great response to the RSVP's. Venues near a town centre generally have a higher turnout than those in the countryside. Clearly there's a balance though, as many of this countries wonderful venues are in hard to reach areas. In the case of countryside venues, check to see if there's local taxi firms and places to stay nearby. Also ensure there's decent transport links too. Make sure you confirm these details before paying the deposit! Get the venue right and watch your party take off!

2) Invitations.

The most common reason people give for rejecting the invitation is "sorry, we're already booked on that date". Get organsised and send those invites shortly after booking the venue. Don't be afraid to remind people in the months leading up to the party. A Facebook or Google + event is a great way to keep people updated and it won't feel like you're bombarding them (as it can with emails). Ask people to leave comments and you'll see the excitement of the party growing.

3) Numbers

Be bold and get the invites rolling out. Let's face it, some people won't be able to make it or they'll drop out last minute "sorry love, baby sitter has let us down". "We've got a definite 125 coming". This is something we hear all the time, but in our experience you can knock off at least 10% (usually more) from your expected turnout. When people start saying no to the RSVP, have your reserve list ready so you can send out new invites. Be brave, invite who you like and get that party bustling.

4) Bar

A KEY TIP FOLLOWS; If you want a party bouncing all night, the dance floor and bar should be in very close proximity. It's common for people to hang around the bar and chat. Similar to a kitchen in a house party. It's a place where people can relax and catch up without being part of the main party. Ask the venue if they can put a temporary bar near the dance floor and close off the main bar if possible. Bar and dance floor together = a rocking party.

5) Speeches

If you plan on having speeches, hold them at the start of the night once the majority of guests have arrived. Do the speeches at 11pm and you risk killing the atmosphere that the DJ has worked so hard to create. Have a short speech, before you've had a little drinky (you won't be so emotional and it's easier to read without double vision) and let's keep the party moving and grooving (ps The same rule applies to cutting cakes too!).

6) Food

Do you really need to provide food (this tip can depend on the party start time i.e. a wedding party simply have to be fed or you'll be facing a riot)...? At 8pm most people will have eaten before they arrive, so here's our top tip. Rather than supplying food at the start of the night (and potentially bringing the party vibe to a sudden halt), ask a caterer to supply a snack a bit later on. People love eating after they've had a drink (kebab anyone) so it's all about timing. We've seen bacon butties handed out at 10.30pm and trust us, that goes down a treat. You can save a fortune on food and don't have to witness your hard earned cash being thrown into the bin at the end of the night.

7) Relax

You know what, it's going to be an amazing party! You're inviting friends and family and they want you to have a wonderful time, so don't let stress get the better of you! And one massive piece of advice... make sure you shake your thing on that dance floor.  Nothing gets people up dancing quicker than the party host/s having a boogie.

We hope you like our tips for hosting a succussful party. Please drop in a comment if you have any of your own tips to share and let us know what you think of our article (please be kind, we're all friends here).

If you need any help planning a party, please feel free to give Dan a call, 07717 851972. We are always happy to offer advice even if you're not planning on booking us. Our advice is free and we love helping people to create their perfect event.

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See you on the dancefloor

DJ Dan