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Before booking your Closet Vinyl (we, CV) party, some things to note.

1) Equipment - We will provide the following equipment (sound and lighting we provide is dependant on size of room)
  • 2 x turntables
  • 1 x back up turntable
  • 1 x mixer
  • 2 x DJ heaphones
  • 1 x cordless mic
  • 1 x corded mic
  • 2 x Ekho RS15a active speakers - 800w (each)
  • 1 x Alto Tru Sonic TS Sub - 600w 
  • 2 x lasers
  • 2 x LED lights
  • Smoke machine
  • DJ console
  • Selection of vinyl records (7inch, 12 inch and albums)
  • Blackboard for displaying of DJ rota
2) Photography
  • The main focus of photography is on the DJ's with some bonus shots of the dance floor. 
  • All photos will be saved on Google Drive in a private album.
  • We may use any photo for publicity purposes.
  • To delete any photos, please share the image with us at closetvinyl@gmail.com.  We will delete within 24 hours.
3) Music
  • Our collection of vinyl contains records from most genres and decades. 
  • Please advise us of any genre or particular songs you do not wish to hear at your event.
  • Clients are welcome to invite friends to bring records with them.  
  • We strongly suggest party music only i.e. avoid niche music that will clear the dance floor.  If in any doubt, check with us.
  • Any records brought in by guests remain their sole responsibility. 
  • DJ's will be assigned 20 minute slots.  We may reduce this to 15 minutes in order for us to fit more people in.
  • We do not accept scratching on the decks.  Anyone abusing this rule will be asked to stop immediately.
  • The maximum people we can have behind the decks is two.
4) Party
  • We arrive 90 minutes before the party starts.
  • We need access to power.
  • Advise of us any access issues, i.e. stairs or long walk from car park.
  • Ideally we'd like to be positioned in close proximity to the bar/drinks area.
  • If you're serving food please advise us on the timings and format (i.e.sit down meal or finger buffet etc) as during this time we will play background music (no DJ's).
  • When guests are arriving we will play background music.
  • As your event fills up we will get round the guests and encourage them to have a go on the decks.
  • Once we have enough DJ's we will start adding names and time slots to the blackboard
  • Generally 30 minutes after the event start time we will start getting DJ's up to play.
  • Children are welcome to use the equipment, but under supervision of an adult.