Congratulations on being so completely sober that you managed to find the songs page.  
Now just a quick disclaimer.  I AM NOT A KARAOKE DJ and you can expect a certain amount of chaos tonight (I was cheap, as in free, so please be kind).

If you can't find your favourite song, it's because I might not have it or it's listed weird i.e. Presley, Elvis  If you get stuck, come and see me.  We can always use Youtube if I don't have your song...

Now comes the easy bit.  To find your song below, do the following (TURN YOUR PHONE ON IT'S SIDE, IT'S EASIER).
1) Drag the slider (TOP LEFT) to the start of your singer or group name i.e. Drag it to the right until you see groups starting with M.
2) Then you can flick though all the M singers/groups using the left and right triangles.