Closet vinyl tag line

In case you were wondering what Closet Vinyl (CV) is here's a little guide

Bring your records to closet vinyl The Start
We started out in 2014 after one part of CV, Elaine, announced "we're going to have a vinyl party at home" for a landmark birthday. Everyone brought frecords, we had an amazing night of party music (sorry neighbours), our guests went home buzzing and an idea was born.

Forward on two years and we now offer both private parties and run a regular monthly residency at The Northcote Arms, Leytonstone

So how does it work?

  • It's all about creating an amazing party atmosphere, so don't forget to bring your friends.
  • Bring your best party records to get people off seats and onto the dance floor.
  • Don't have any records? Well that's no problem as you can rummage through our records and select a set from our party classics.
  • We provide the decks/mixer, but you have to play the records!
  • We'll show you how to do it and most people pick it up within two songs.
  • We give you 20 minutes to get everyone up for a boogie (you can do it).
  • You will really love it and won't want it to end!
Play your vinyl records
  • The songs you choose have to be party records, but these can be from any decade, any genre.
  • Play the greatest hits of whale sounds volume 6 and you're likely to clear the venue.
  • Play something funky or upbeat and you're more likely to have people wanting to give you a high five (there's even been kisses dished out and there's a Closet Vinyl love story. All together now, awwwww).
Now you know what it's all about it's time to dig out your vinyl & come along to an event. The world is waiting to hear your party music!

See you on the dance floor
D, E & The CV Crew