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DJ booking form

Each DJ will get 25 minutes deck time (use it wisely).  For a 5 hour event this means a maximum of 12 x DJ's.
Once 12 x DJ's have registered, the booking form will close.  Should there be any free slots on the night these will be offered to the DJ's who used the booking form (in the order they booked).

How to use the DJ booking form;

1) Select the date of the event and click the link
2) A box will pop up, click "Register"
3) Enter participant name (Your first and second name or preferred DJ name)
4 Enter your email address (This will be used to confirm your booking and send you a reminder about the event)
5 Click submit.  And that's it.

Time slots will be issued at random, however please advise by email to should you be arriving at a specific time.